Discount System

With the progressive discount system the amount of discount depends on the subtotal* of the cart.

We determined 4 fixed price brackets. There is a percentage discount for each bracket. We divide the subtotal of the cart among these fixed brackets, then we calculate the divided values according to the applicable discounts. We get the final subtotal of the cart by adding up the calculated results.

Subtotal (€)

500 900
200 500
0 200



The following flow chart illustrates the calculations of our discount system. If the value of the basket is 980 €, then after the discount it will only be 436 €. In this case the discount is 44.49%.

* The payable subtotal is also affected by extra taxes if applicable, which we calculate by using the discounted subtotal.

  • 80 €-80%=16 €
  • 400 €-70%=120 €
  • 300 €-60%=120 €
  • 200 €-10%=180 €
980 € 436 €

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